If you’ve started to observe unusual behavior in your vehicle, be it odd noises, leaks, or it’s simply time for routine maintenance, our auto repair shop is here to help. Noticing issues like grinding sounds, fluid puddles, or if your vehicle inspection is due, don’t delay in visiting us. Through the years, we’ve built a reputation as the foremost destination for superior alternator repair and services.

A recurring dead battery could be an indicator of a faulty alternator. If you’re constantly jump-starting your battery or even a newly installed one isn’t retaining charge, chances are your alternator might be the culprit.

An alternator plays a pivotal role, supplying electricity to several parts of your vehicle, such as the air conditioning or dashboard lights, all while on the move. It also ensures that any excess power generated is stored in the battery for future use. An ineffective alternator means your battery isn’t getting charged, leaving you with the inconvenience of a dead battery when you least expect it.

Such issues are often misattributed to an aging battery. However, a correct diagnosis by our skilled technicians can save you both time and resources. For unparalleled alternator repair and services, trust our auto repair shop with your vehicle’s care.

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great little local spot, knowledgeable and kind employees. just stopped by for quick service on my skoolie. if I lived around here they would definitely be my mechanics. beautiful vintage cars and trucks in the lot to boot. recommend!

kate S November 22, 2023

Great place to get your car serviced. Brought my Lexus here a few times. Everyone is very friendly and they have excellent service and as well as pricing. Highly recommend

Ethan Conant November 3, 2023

Kris and Kylie were fantastic, they were nothing but good and honest to me

Bryan C October 20, 2023