Feeling the heat while on the drive? A non-functioning car A/C can turn your journey into a sweaty ordeal. Ensure a cool and serene drive by availing top-notch Automotive AC Service and Repair. Our team of certified technicians, well-versed in Automotive AC Service and Repair, can expertly handle tasks like A/C recharge and evacuation, ensuring you and your co-passengers enjoy a comfortable ride.

The essence of your car’s air conditioner lies in three vital components: the condenser, evaporator, and compressor. When you trust us with your vehicle, our seasoned technicians will initially discuss the issues you’ve faced with the A/C. Following that, a meticulous visual check of components such as the A/C compressor drive belt, serpentine belt, and other accessible parts will be conducted, looking for any signs of wear, leaks, or cracks. If everything appears intact, the team will proceed to inspect the functionality of the A/C compressor, evacuate any existing refrigerant, perform a vacuum test, and then recharge the system using the recommended refrigerant tailored to your vehicle’s specifications.

Promptly addressing potential damages or leaks with your Automotive AC Service and Repair can not only ensure driving comfort but also save significant time and expense. Experience a breezy and relaxed drive by reaching out to us. Schedule your visit to our auto repair shop today!

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great little local spot, knowledgeable and kind employees. just stopped by for quick service on my skoolie. if I lived around here they would definitely be my mechanics. beautiful vintage cars and trucks in the lot to boot. recommend!

kate S November 22, 2023

Great place to get your car serviced. Brought my Lexus here a few times. Everyone is very friendly and they have excellent service and as well as pricing. Highly recommend

Ethan Conant November 3, 2023

Kris and Kylie were fantastic, they were nothing but good and honest to me

Bryan C October 20, 2023